7 hotel tricks to clean home faster and deeper


Professional advice is often the best, especially when it comes to household cleaning. For instance, hotel housekeepers, tasked with maintaining countless rooms daily to a meticulous standard, undoubtedly possess invaluable insights on achieving a thorough and swift cleaning.

Navigating through the array of situations left behind by guests, hotel room cleaners have refined numerous tactics for efficient cleaning. Here, we delve into 7 tips from these experts to help you achieve superior cleaning results in less time.

Begin with Organizing

First and foremost, ensure the space is orderly before commencing the cleaning process. Start by disposing of trash, stripping bed linens, collecting dirty laundry, and clearing out non-essential items from the space. Pre-cleaning organization not only eases the subsequent cleaning but also mitigates the risk of merely cleaning around items or placing them on freshly cleaned, potentially damp surfaces.

Refresh Your Curtains with a Towel

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