5 Tips for Unblocking Sink and Pipes Naturally


1. Coffee Grounds:

An eco-friendly and affordable option. Simply drop a tablespoon of coffee grounds down the drain, followed by a generous pour of hot water. This not only helps clear blockages but also combats bad odors. Consider it as a preventive measure too.

2. Hot Water Flush:

A word of caution – ensure your pipes can handle hot water. Pouring a bucket of hot water can be effective, and repeating it can give even better results. This method can also clear minor toilet clogs.

3. The Vinegar and Baking Soda Combo:

While some might question its efficacy, this mix is excellent for tackling sewer sludge and minor blockages. Begin by adding 1/2 cup each of baking soda and vinegar to the drain, then flush with up to four cups of boiling water. This combo helps dissolve grease, and the hot water ensures your pipes are left clean.

4. Good Old Plunger:

For a quick fix, use a plunger but ensure the overflow is blocked. If you've recently used a chemical drain cleaner, avoid using the plunger to prevent splashes and potential burns.

5. Dish Soap to the Rescue:

Most clogs result from accumulated grease. Dish soap is incredibly effective at dissolving this grease, making it an excellent option for sinks and even toilets. Pour about 5 cl of dish soap down the blocked drain, followed by boiling water for best results.

Remember, these natural methods are safer for both you and the environment. Give them a try the next time you're faced with a clo