12 Delicious Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes To Make During The Holidays


4. Italian Thumbprint Cookies

source: Real Simple/Jennifer Causey Shutterstock

Italian thumbprint cookies are essentially traditional shortbread topped with assorted flavors of jam. They’ve always been one of my favorites!

5. Cucidati

source: Saving Room for Dessert

Cucidati (or Italian fig cookies) involve stuffing a buttery dough with sweet fig filling, then drizzling a lemon glaze over top. Is anyone else’s mouth watering yet?

6. Italian Wedding Cookies

source: My Cultured Palate

Don’t let the name of this recipe fool you! Italian wedding cookies are a sweet and delicious recipe to make during the holidays.

7. Italian Biscotti

source: My Nourished Home

Italian biscotti is a classic and crunchy Italian treat. Dunk it in coffee or tea, and it’s even better!

8. Tiramisu Cookies

source: A Spicy Perspective

If you like the soft, fluffy, coffee-infused flavors of traditional tiramisu, you’ll love tiramisu in cookie form!

9. Italian Ricotta Cookies

source: Walking on Sunshine Recipes

You may think it sounds odd to include ricotta cheese in a cookie recipe, but you won’t taste the ricotta at all. The ricotta simply adds a super soft, moist, and fluffy quality to the cookies!

10. Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

source: Food Network

If you like lemon-flavored treats, this recipe is for you! Italian lemon cookies are an extremely popular recipe around the holidays.

11. Baci di Dama

source: As Easy As Apple Pie

Baci di Dama (or Italian hazelnut cookies) involve sandwiching a dollop of chocolate between two hazelnut cookies. Delicious!

12. Italian Spumoni Cookies

source: Food Network

Italian spumoni cookies are essentially an elevated chocolate chip cookie. They’re soft, filled with yummy flavors, and the perfect treat for the holiday season!