This recipe only lasted 30 mins in my house


Dive into a tropical escape with this Pineapple Quick Bread. Every slice is a medley of succulent pineapple bits, crunchy pecans, and feathery-soft bread, resulting in a loaf that's delightfully moist and toothsome. More than just a recipe, this bread paints a vivid picture of cherished times spent with my beloved grandmother. Our Sundays were painted with scenes of us crafting this masterpiece, immersed in heartfelt conversations, punctuated with laughter and the comforting scent of this bread rising in the oven.

This bread isn't just a culinary treat but a sensory journey back to those simple yet profound moments. Now perfected over time, this recipe is a testament to the bond I shared with my grandmother. Let me take you on this delicious journey.


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