How to fix a broken or stuck zipper in seconds with these tricks


Zipper Off-Track:

If your zipper has derailed from its track, use pliers to hold the zipper tracks securely. Then, with a flathead screwdriver, gently pry open the side to create a small gap. This should allow you to realign any misaligned teeth.

Broken Zipper Pull:

Should you pull too hard and end up with the zipper slider in hand, don't fret. Pry open the part where the slider was attached using a screwdriver. You can then insert a slender strip of fabric as a temporary pull.

Jammed Zipper:

If your zipper seems stuck, a quick fix is to lubricate the zipper teeth. Apply a little lip balm or Vaseline. This should smoothen the pathway and help in unjamming the zipper.

Lost Zipper "Teeth":

In case a "tooth" is missing, you can improvise a fix using a Q-tip's plastic stem. Cut it into small sections. From one segment, snip off an end and create a slit. Insert this makeshift "tooth" where the original one was missing.

Remember, while these are handy quick fixes, it's always best to get zippers professionally repaired or replaced for long-term use.