Elvis Presley Sheet Cake


This piece is specially written in honor of Su, a cherished reader hailing from Australia. A few years ago, Su, along with her mother (an ardent Elvis aficionado), embarked on a journey to the US, aiming to visit the legendary Graceland. I had the distinct pleasure of joining them during their stay, and together, we crafted a day brimming with laughter and memories.

Now, speaking of Elvis, let's dive into a cake closely associated with the King of Rock and Roll. Rumor has it that this particular cake was a staple in Elvis’s culinary repertoire, regularly whipped up by his personal cook. The secret ingredient that made it his favorite? Crushed pineapple.

Crafted from a yellow cake mix complemented by vanilla pudding, this cake boasts a unique twist. Post-baking, you poke holes throughout, allowing a tantalizing blend of pineapple and sugar to permeate every inch. But that's not all - a finishing touch of cream cheese and pecan icing renders this cake utterly irresistible. The end result? A mouthwatering, moist delight that might just top your list of favorite desserts!

Fun fact: This treat is commonly known as an Ice Box Cake. If you've ever heard the older generation use the term "icebox," they're referring to what we now call refrigerators. The beauty of Ice Box Cakes and pies is their longevity, staying fresh for longer compared to their traditional counterparts. Truly, they're a treat for all seasons!

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