Put the aspirin in the washing


Find a way to remove stains and restore their original white color.However, the following tips will protect you from discoloration!It appears that traditional aspirin tablets are as effective as commercial treatments in removing candida and blemishes.This is what you have to doing : adding  5,300 mg aspirin tablets to 2 L hot water and leave them melt .

Then the white clothes were soaked in the solution and left overnight.Put the clothes in the washing machine in the morning, add aspirin, and wash as usual.Unlike commercial bleach, this process will not damage the fabric, but will remove dirt.

It will be brand new and modern again!No matter how hard you try to wash your white man, sometimes it will sneak on you: terrible gray.When you get there, every time you wash your clothes, they turn gray and gray.It turnning out that there is a secret weapon in your medicine cabinet that can aids solve this difficult .

Take 5 325 mg aspirin tablets and dissolve them in 2 liters of hot water.You can also break the pills to make them dissolve faster.Now immerse the gray clothes in the solution for eight hours or overnight.Make sure all clothes are completely immersed in water.Or you can putting aspirin tablets in wash machine, but they are easy to dissolved .

After eight hours, take off your clothes and dry as usual or leave in the washing machine.Aspirin not only fights gray hair, it also helps remove stains!

If you want to remove blood stains, it is necessary to dissolve the aspirin first in cold water before soaking the affected clothing for two hours.Do not try to remove blood stains with hot water.The protein in the blood can clog, making the stain difficult to remove.Aspirin obtains a weak acid with a significant impact .

If you have multiple pills in your medicine cabinet, there is no need to buy expensive special cleaners!