Oh dear! I made this meal for a potluck, and it went like lightning


When you think of time-tested recipes that encapsulate the spirit of New York's culinary scene, Delmonico's Potatoes Bake instantly stands out. A delectable melange of thinly sliced potatoes bathing in a luscious sauce, this dish speaks of culinary decadence and comfort. It draws its name from the iconic Delmonico's restaurant in the heart of NYC, etching its brilliance in gastronomic history since the 1800s.

Whether you're looking for a sidekick to your roasted delicacies - be it beef, chicken, or lamb - or trying to enhance a seafood dinner featuring grilled salmon or shrimp, Delmonico's Potatoes don't disappoint. Vegetarians, fret not! This dish wears many hats. Pair it with a vibrant salad or some gently steamed veggies, and you've got a star-studded main.

NYC's Finest: A Delmonico's Potato Recipe to Remember


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