Don't get me wrong, I never had anything against homemade cleaners... πŸ˜… but for some reason, I always thought I wouldn't save enough to make up for the trouble. Boy, was I wrong! πŸ™†‍♀️

Here are five of my favorite homemade cleaners, along with their recipes and printable labels for when you make your own! πŸ‘πŸ’¦

⚠️ WARNING: Feel free to tweak the recipes (I know I do!), but never mix ammonia and bleach! The fumes can be extremely hazardous to your health! ⚠️

Note: These recipes are written for 24oz bottles. Divide or double as needed. ✍️

1️⃣ Blessing 'in a Bottle:

12 oz. of White Vinegar

12 oz. of Dawn Dish soap

1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent

Also known as "kitchen Magic," this stuff will get through anything, make your sink and shower shine like new, and save you when just about nothing else works. The laundry detergent is optional - I add it simply to cover some of the vinegar smell! 🧼πŸͺ„

2️⃣ Window Cleaner:

1 oz. of White Ammonia

4 oz. of Rubbing Alcohol

1 drop of Laundry Detergent

Fill remaining space with Water

This cleaner is streak-free, just the way we like it. You can add a few drops of blue food coloring if you want it to resemble Windex more, but there's truly no need. In fact, I've found that I like this homemade version even more than Windex! πŸͺŸπŸ§Ό

3️⃣ Air & Fabric Freshener:

1 oz. of Scented Fabric Softener

2 Tbs. Baking Soda

Fill remaining space with Water

This recipe is a 'fake Febreze' that I love! It has the fabric softener for scent (which you can buy in so many more scents than Febreze!) and the baking soda for odor elimination. The coloring will come from whatever hue your fabric softener contains. Again, most of this is JUST WATER. It's amazing how much we spend for a few ounces of cleaner and a bottle full of water, huh? 🌬️🌈

4️⃣ Bleach Cleaner:

2 oz. of Bleach

1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent

Fill the remaining space with Water

Because everyone needs a bleach cleaner! πŸ’ͺ🧴

5️⃣ The Cure-All:

5 oz. of Rubbing Alcohol

3 oz. of White Vinegar

1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent

1 tsp. of White Ammonia

2 drops of Essential Oil

Fill the remaining space with Water

This is kind of my "Multi-purpose, Multi-surface" cleaner. I've added essential oils to the recipe to make it smell nice and threw in a few drops of food coloring to differentiate it from the other clear cleaners. I probably use this one the most (as most of us do with our multi-purpose cleaners). And again, I'm amazed at how much of this is water! πŸ’§πŸŒΏ

Use Avery shipping labels to stick directly onto spray bottles. You can find the template as "5163." πŸ–¨️

Everyone, please read!! Update January 2013:

Alrighty, everyone, listen up! I've received over 100 emails, comments, and messages about where I purchased these bottles, so I'm going to put