Amazing DIY Hack For Cleaning The Interior Of Cars

If you’re like me and your first couple of cars boasted cloth seats, you’ll understand the struggles of maintaining them. Regular use, coupled with occasional spills and pet messes, resulted in a collection of unattractive stains and marks. Many of you with cloth seats might relate to this predicament, especially those with young passengers on board. Luckily, I’ve discovered a remarkable DIY trick that transforms your stained car seats to pristine cleanliness.


A Facebook user, Anna Lakin, shared her experience with this hack after returning from a camping trip with her car seats laden with an assortment of stains. She decided to try out a cleaning tip she had stumbled upon earlier.

Anna’s method involved using scented shaving cream, which she generously applied over the seats. She then scrubbed the area with a sponge soaked in warm water. To remove excess water, she detached her vacuum’s filter and proceeded to vacuum the damp areas. Finally, she allowed the seats to air dry.

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