Casserole of biscuits and gravy


Nothing says "Hello! Like this cookie and gravy casserole! Made with time-saving packaged cookies, homemade gravy, and lots of eggs and cheese, it's an easy-to-prepare, quick-to-cook breakfast dish perfect for any brunch, holiday special (it's never too early to plan Christmas! ) or a weekend getaway with friends.

How do you make cookies and gravy?

This easy recipe is inspired by the delicious flavor of Ree Drummond's cookies and gravy, with a few easy shortcuts. Start by cooking the sausages and set them aside, using the broth to make the sauce. Next, put the eggs, cheese, and cooked sausage in the casserole, followed by the canned biscuits, sausage gravy, and more cheese...and cook until delicious and moist!


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