Muffins that taste like a brownie recipe!!!


The reason many people prefer cupcakes is that they are a little easier to make. Not everyone has the right equipment to make cupcakes at home. Buying them in a store is often the easiest solution for most people. However, you can use your oven to make delicious brownie-flavored muffins.

Can I modify the donut recipe?

Why not! Depending on what you want, you can add different things into the mix. For example, some people like to add pecans or other types of nuts. You can add raisins or rolled oats for a healthier feel. Vanilla never hurt anyone and works well in this mix. If you like, you can make small pies; Just use a mini muffin pan!

Can I freeze cakes?

Yes you can. These cupcakes freeze well. Before freezing it, it must be allowed to cool. Then wrap them in foil or simply store them in special freezer bags. Don't forget them! You can store cakes in the freezer for up to 3 months.

The advantage is that you will always have pies in the freezer! Once out of the fridge, they require a little bit of preparation. You need to let them sit until they come to room temperature. Then you can reheat it in the microwave or oven if you like.


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