Loaded Steak Quesadillas


Looking for an easy and filling recipe for 30 minutes or less for dinner ?  Because I needed a nice, easy, breezy meal that kept me full, keeps the kitchen decent, and doesn't take me forever. And guess what?

Success!!! Meet this 30 minute loaded cusadella steak ???????.

Download you ask ? Not only are these steak layers layered with a pound of top sirloin, there are also black beans, fire-roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, avocados, and two layers of cheese of course. This value of goodness makes cassadia a sligh higher base cheese in world, don't you agree?  ... I'll make cusadella steak for dinner!" level.

Speaking of steak, you went down a crazy easy road. No season, no lazy cooking, nix . Regular sirloin steak, topped with spices (mix Mexican spices to win!) And quickly seared in a skillet, 3 minutes max on each side. Thin slice against grain and that's it! Put it in the quesadilla and throw everything in the oven.

Not in rare steak ? do not worry! The steak is only roasted fast on stove top because it will cooking more in the oven, closer to medium rare and medium range.

* Ingredients

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