How To Seriously Deep Clean Your Oven


In the realm of culinary tools, the oven is undoubtedly one I use constantly, yet clean infrequently. Despite many modern ovens featuring self-cleaning capabilities, this alone doesn't provide the thorough scrubbing your oven truly deserves. Regain your oven's pristine condition with these straightforward deep cleaning techniques!

1-Rack Removal
Begin by taking out your oven racks. Immerse them in a sink or tub brimming with hot, sudsy water. Let them sit for several hours before you scrub, rinse, and dry them.

2-Crafting a Cleaning Paste
Should your oven host stubborn spots of burnt food and other residues, create a paste with dish soap, baking soda, and water. Lather this mixture on the affected areas and leave it for approximately an hour. Once the hour is up, scrub and wipe the spot clean with a moist cloth.

3-Oven Door Revamp

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