Fruit Salad


Makes: 6 servings


½ cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt
½ tsp vanilla
1 tbsp honey
3 large oranges
1 mandarin orange or tangerine (substitute with tangerine if mandarins are unavailable)
1 banana
1 pear
1 apple (Honeycrisp recommended)
1 cup berries (Strawberries preferred, fresh if possible, otherwise frozen)
½ cup chopped walnuts

In a small bowl, mix the yogurt, vanilla, and honey. Place the mixture in the refrigerator until it's time to serve.

Peel the citrus fruits, making sure to remove all the skin and white pith. Keep the peel aside to extract juice later. Break the orange segments into bite-sized pieces and place them in a separate bowl. Squeeze the juice from the remaining peels into the same bowl to prevent the other fruits from browning.

Remove the core and seeds from the apple and pear, then cut them into bite-sized pieces. Add these to the bowl.

Peel and slice the banana. If the berries are large, cut them into bite-sized pieces. Add the banana and berries to the bowl, then mix in the chopped walnuts.

Divide the fruit salad into individual serving dishes or glasses, and top with the chilled yogurt sauce before serving.