°One 15 oz package of chocolate fudge cake mix.

°½ cup. Of softened butter.

°⅔ Cup.Fat.

°¾ cup. Granulated sugar.

°2 tablespoons of vanilla extract.

°½ cup.Evaporated milk.

°A 16 oz can. Chocolate fudge frosting.


Step 1:

Bake the cake mix for 35 minutes at one temperature. 325 degrees Fahrenheit, following package directions. It will be easier to keep the cake from swelling if the temperature is reduced and the cake is left to cool completely.

2nd step:

Once the cake has cooled, using a stand mixer, beat the butter, Crisco, sugar, vanilla and evaporated milk over high heat for 15 minutes. The jumpsuit will be airy and ethereal in appearance. Spread it all over the cake after it has cooled.

Step 3:

Remove the lid from the can of frosting and set it aside. Take it out of the trash and discard the foil. Put the can of frosting in the microwave and heat it for a minute and a half. Mix the frosting, then return it to the microwave for another fifteen seconds, or until it can be poured.

Step 4:

Add the frosting on top of the cream and smooth evenly. You have the option of letting the icing harden at room temperature for about two to three hours or placing it in the refrigerator for forty-five minutes.

Enjoy !