Cranberry and orange bread with simple glaze


++Why we love cranberry-orange bread

Delicious for Breakfast or Dessert - I can honestly enjoy a slice of this bread for breakfast or dessert, and sometimes in the mid-afternoon for a snack!

PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON - This sweet, savory bread is a delicious blend of sweet orange and a little cranberry, and it's one of my favorite recipes for when cranberries are in season.  This treat is always welcome on the holiday table and is a great recipe when preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts.

Use these seasonal cranberries - cranberries are only available in stores for a short time! You can freeze the toppings while they are fresh and in season to make this delicious bread all year round.

Sweet Frosting Makes a Delight - The sweet frosting is full of orange flavor and makes this bread really special.


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