Woman Shares Clever Tips For Bringing New Life To Wilted Roses


I relish the presence of fresh flowers in our home. However, the sight of their decay, especially when the blooms start wilting and withering away, brings a tinge of sadness. Roses, in particular, tend to wilt rather quickly. They are amongst my favorites, making it even more disheartening. But fear not, for I've stumbled upon an ingenious trick that breathes new life into your fading roses. So hold back on discarding those seemingly hopeless roses!

The brilliant Velvet Counts shared this gardening wisdom. She instructs, "Trim the top of the rose flat, just above a leaf joint, and angle cut the bottom. Strip away any remaining leaves."

The trimmed roses should resemble something like this:

Following this, gently scrape the cut ends. This technique assists in stimulating root growth.

Afterward, immerse the stem ends in water.

Subsequently, dip the moistened stems in plant growth hormone, shaking off any extra.

The next step involves making a hole in the soil and gingerly planting the stem, taking care not to remove the growth hormone. Firmly pat down the soil surrounding it.

Sprinkle the planted stem with water until the soil is thoroughly soaked.

Approximately a week later, Velvet noticed sprouting! She now boasts a collection of rose bushes ready for transplanting into her garden come springtime.

Behold the new growth!

Check out the thriving young plants!

Voila! Why splurge on rose bushes when you can simply rejuvenate a wilted rose arrangement, breathing new life into them? A big thank you to Velvet Counts for sharing this expert gardening hack. I am undoubtedly going to give this a shot.