Woman Creates Genius Christmas Dinner Leftover Hack – Plus 4 Other Awesome Hosting Tips!


Hosting Christmas dinner for the first time last year was quite the ordeal. The strain of cooking for a large gathering, entertaining guests, cleaning up, and ensuring the timely preparation of various dishes was daunting. However, in the spirit of holiday sharing, I'm about to reveal five clever hacks that can make your Christmas dinner hosting experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

1. Prioritize Preparations

The key to minimizing stress on Christmas dinner day lies in doing as much preparation as you can in advance. Pre-peel all your vegetables and complete other time-consuming tasks beforehand. This way, when the actual cooking time rolls around, you'll have more time on your hands and considerably less stress.

2. Offer a Hearty Breakfast

One of the best Christmas hacks I've discovered involves preparing a large, satisfying breakfast on Christmas Day. Your guests will be so filled up, they won't be keen on having lunch, leaving you the entire afternoon to get organized and start cooking dinner.

3. Utilize the Slow Cooker

Don't underestimate the value of your slow cooker. It's incredibly handy for cooking things like vegetables, meat, and other side dishes. Using a slow cooker not only frees up precious oven space but also keeps your food warm while you're busy with the rest of your cooking tasks.

4. Innovate with Leftover Trays

Every year, I aim to give everyone some leftovers, but I invariably run out of containers. The ingenious solution? Disposable muffin trays! This brilliant idea makes portioning and transporting food incredibly easy. Guests can either heat the tray in the oven later, or scoop the food onto a microwave-safe plate to enjoy. Simply genius!

5. Assign Cookers and Cleaners

An excellent Christmas dinner hack involves designating a couple of helpers who can assist with meal preparation and cooking. After everyone has eaten, those who did not contribute to the cooking duties are assigned to clean up. They can form a cleanup chain, loading the dishwasher, hand-washing dishes, drying them, and putting them away.

Armed with these straightforward hacks, you're better prepared to handle the responsibility of cooking for a crowd. This will free up more time for you to focus on what truly matters during the holidays: spending quality time with family and friends. Wishing you a joyful holiday season!