Strawberry-Punch-Bowl-Cake (a.k.a Strawberry Trifle)

Made with layers of fluffy edible cake, whipped cream and strawberries, the Southern Strawberry Punch Bowl (or Strawberry Trifle) Cake is a fresh and totally sweet dessert to enjoy this summer.  

You might recognize this as strawberry trifle, but in my part of the country we call it strawberry shortcake. And most people I know personally keep a pretty glass jar on hand just so they can show off one of these delicious creations.

This Southern strawberry bowl is my husband's favorite.He needs this each yr on his birthday, which isn't anyt any small feat thinking about he become born in February. It's easy to make into a low-fat or light dessert, and can actually be very dietetic compared to a typical dessert. I love making it in the summer, but it can easily be made in the winter as long as strawberries are available at your 
grocery store, to help stave off the cold-weather blues. 

With layers of fluffy pieces of angel food cake, whipped cream, vanilla pudding, and fresh strawberries, I know this sweet dessert will be a hit when you make it for friends and family.   If you're looking for similar recipes to make this summer, check out the Dreamy Creamy Trifle Cake and Patriotic Punch Bowl.


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