Lip reader reveals that William gave Kate Middleton a precise 9-word instruction


Over the years, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has garnered affection from royal enthusiasts globally. Alongside Princess Anne, she's lauded as one of the most industrious royal figures, participating in myriad events nationwide. However, as per insider reports, she and her husband, Prince William, are contemplating easing their royal commitments.

The duo has been a part of significant royal events, the most recent being King Charles' coronation. With the advent of television, royal ceremonies are under worldwide scrutiny. During the coronation at Westminster Abbey, a professional lip reader reportedly decoded an intriguing conversation between Will and Kate, adding to the several instances of such incidents before!

Prince William and Kate Middleton have had their hands full over the past few months. King Charles' ascension to the throne was a challenging time for everyone, especially for the Prince and Princess of Wales, who were responsible for their two younger children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. It's speculated that the Palace made arrangements for a nanny to escort Prince Louis out of the coronation in case of any unruly behavior.

Lip reading has become a popular trend in deciphering royal interactions. King Charles’ coronation is a prime example where multiple narratives emerged, recounting what the royals reportedly said to each other despite the absence of microphones. The focus, post-coronation, primarily revolved around Prince Harry's conversation about his British family, especially his father.

Viewers might recall a similar scenario from the previous year. In 2022, the late Queen Elizabeth commemorated her Platinum Jubilee, attended by all Royal Family members.

The Thanksgiving Service for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on June 3. Kate Middleton graced the event in a stunning yellow ensemble. She and William were caught in conversation on the church's steps post-service, waiting for their ride to the Guildhall for a lunch reception.

As per John Cassidy, a professional lip-reader, William seemed to give his wife precise instructions during this brief exchange.

According to Cassidy's interpretation, the Prince and Princess of Wales waved to the crowd, after which William instructed his wife, "Wait for that to move, then we can go."

For many, Prince William and Kate Middleton have become symbolic figures, embodying the Royal Family's contemporary essence, a characteristic that seems to be reflected in their approach to parenting their children.