Greener Cleaners – Three Product Swap Experiences



Despite using gloves and diluting bleach heavily due to its potent nature, and remembering to ensure adequate ventilation, I found myself longing for a safer and equally effective product. This desire led me to make a switch about five years ago.

Natural Replacement – Simple Green

This product is multipurpose, easily accessible at places like Sam's or Lowes, and fairly priced. Simple Green can be used undiluted or diluted – the dilution levels are indicated on the bottle. It serves as an excellent spray for cleaning tables, countertops, and similar surfaces. Additionally, it's suitable for mopping floors and laundry use. I've even safely used it on my wooden floors. Can we say it's versatile?

3-Dish Soap

Recently, I casually researched some ingredients in my dish soap and decided to opt for a more natural alternative, mainly because I don't wear gloves when washing dishes.

Natural Replacement – Your Suggestions Needed!

I'm eager to discover a new addition to my collection of natural cleaning agents. Do you or anyone you know use a trusted natural dishwashing product? While I'm not quite prepared to make my own, I'd appreciate recommendations for ready-to-use items!

Have you transitioned to any natural options? I'd be interested in knowing what you use and which products you've deemed worth the switch. How do they compare to your previous cleaning agents in terms of effectiveness?

Also, please suggest what should be the next dish soap I try out. My hands will be grateful!

Here's to cleaner and healthier living!