Grandma's Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


Hello, dear readers! Today, we're stepping back in time with a cherished recipe - Grandma's Classic Bread Pudding, served with a lusciously smooth Vanilla Sauce. This heart-warming dessert brings back nostalgic memories of childhood, when the inviting aroma of baking bread would waft through Grandma's kitchen.

There's something truly special about a good old-fashioned bread pudding. It's comforting, rich, and has a unique ability to bring a feeling of home and warmth into your kitchen. Dressed up with a divine vanilla sauce, this recipe is a delicious nod to simpler times.

Preparation Time:
Approximately 20 minutes

Cooking Time:
1 hour

This recipe serves 6-8 people.

For the Bread Pudding:

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