Easy Texas Turtle Cake


Big chocolate flavors, with caramel and nuts, this Texas Turtle Cheet Cake is packed with the best things you can squeeze into one cake!

Decadent and rich, the Texas Turtle Sheet Cake is the perfect dessert to serve to all your family and friends. Homemade chocolate cake topped with delicious chocolate cream, drizzled with caramel sauce and sprinkled with chopped pecans and chocolate chips, it's a wonderful dessert that everyone loves! 

No one knows if Texas Sheet Cake got its name from when the recipe first appeared in a Texas newspaper or if it's because, like in Texas, sheet cakes are so big.

Either way, this cake is drool-worthy and has fed a ton of people. Needless to say I love it. The moistness and richness of a chocolate brownie and butterscotch with a light pecan crunch is simply one of the best treats.


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