Slow cooker ribs are guaranteed to fall off the tender bone. Learn the secrets to making the best slow cooker ribs, including instructions for preparing the meat, giving it a good dry rub, and finishing it for perfect restaurant quality. 
You want your ribs to be tender. The slow cooker is an great choice. But, how do you go from the ugly mess of the slow cooker to beautifully fall-caramelized bone-in ribs?

If you toss the ribs and barbecue sauce into an 8-hour slow cooker, you'll get ribs that fall off the bone, but they'll be funky and unappetising. The BBQ sauce will not caramelize at all and the meat juices will result in a very runny BBQ sauce.
We find the slow cooker to be the easiest way to cook ribs and it's my favorite method, especially when cooking for a crowd. Combine the ease of slow cooking with my easy secret trick and you've got amazing ribs all your own.


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