Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets the Easy Way!


Step 2: Dampen Your Paper Towel

My chosen tool for this task was a simple paper towel. I placed it under the faucet and moistened it with just enough water to make it thoroughly damp.

Step 3: Sprinkle Dishwashing Powder on Your Paper Towel

Subsequently, I scooped up some dishwashing powder and introduced it to my prepped paper towel.

All you require is a light sprinkling of dishwashing powder. Not even half a teaspoon is necessary.

Step 4: Begin Your Cleaning Endeavor

The subsequent step involved scrubbing my kitchen cabinets. I call it 'work', but truthfully, the gritty texture of the dishwashing powder undertook the scrubbing for me. After a quick wipe-down, all that remained was to dust off some loose powder.

And, just like that, we're done! After employing this nifty hack, my cabinets looked astonishingly clean, with no trace of my little mess-makers.

What makes this cleaning hack truly magnificent? Its versatility. You can apply this method on a variety of surfaces. It seems like I've discovered my new go-to degreaser!

Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets with Ease!

Step 2: Wet Your Paper Towel

I chose to use a paper towel, which I moistened under the tap until it was sufficiently damp.

Step 3: Apply Dishwashing Powder on Your Paper Towel

Following this, I gathered some dishwashing powder and transferred it onto my damp paper towel.

Just a small sprinkling of dishwashing powder is needed - not more than half a teaspoon.

Step 4: Start the Cleaning Process

Next, I began the cleaning process. I may call it 'work', but in reality, the coarse texture of the dishwashing powder handled the scrubbing aspect. A swift wipe down was all that was required, followed by a gentle dusting off of any residual powder.

Voila! Following this simple hack, my cabinets appeared incredibly clean, devoid of any traces of my little tornadoes.

The cherry on top? This technique isn't limited to cabinets alone. It's effective on various surfaces, making it my newfound all-purpose degreaser!