Asparagus casserole with cheese


Asparagus is my favourite spring vegetable! This is probably due to the many delicious recipes using asparagus.

White asparagus has a mild flavor and is ideal for salads and soups. The most popular recipe for asparagus with hollandaise sauce is also prepared with white asparagus. The white asparagus must be peeled completely to prepare the recipe.

Green asparagus has a slightly salty yet delicate taste. This asparagus should only be peeled from the middle of the stem down. Green asparagus is used in appetizer quiche recipes.

Why are asparagus recipes so healthy?
Asparagus contains more than 90% water, which makes it particularly easy to digest. Asparagus contains many minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

What wine would accompany an asparagus-based recipe?
White wines go best with asparagus: especially slightly fruity or dry white wines, such as Sauvignon or Muscat.


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