I came across this interesting recipe for Orange Sherbet and knew I had to try it. An ice cream maker was used in this recipe, although you don't need one. This dessert was a huge hit with my kids.Ice cream and sherbet are each frozen desserts, however orange sherbet is a frozen dessert that falls someplace in between. Compared to sorbet, which does not contain dairy, it has less fat than ice cream but contains some kind of dairy product.Although sorbet is creamier than sorbet, it's far much less creamy than ice cream. They are usually fruit-flavored, in this case orange, and usually sweet.

This sherbet recipe couldn't be easier to make! All you need to do is mix orange soda and sweetened condensed milk in a large mixing bowl. Stir to everything is well mixed. If you are make ice cream in an ice cream maker, pour ingredients to machine and start it up. It will take some time for the air bubbles in the soda to stir up and the liquid to condense. They need to be transferred to a baking tray and frozen until partially frozen.!

I using orange soda in my sherbet recipe because it adds flavor & sweetness to the sherbet. You are free to use any flavor of soda you like, including lemon-lime, grape, strawberry, and so on. Making root beer sherbet sounds great to me!


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