11 Brilliant Hacks to Clean Glass Shower Doors


Do you wish your shower doors could sparkle like brand new and belong in a magazine? No we all! Unfortunately, shower doors get dirty and dirty super fast! Plus there are plenty of cleaning products that just don't seem to cut it. 

Lemon peel prevents soap scum
Lemon Pledge can keep shower doors clean for months! Spraying glass also let it for 16-21 min . Go back in and scrub it just like you normally would and wash it off!

Cleanly shower doors with wd-40
wd-40 has so much uses! Spraying it on your glass doors and wipe it off! It will let your doors fizzy!

Clean it with dawn and white vinegar
Using a mix of Dawn & Vinegar is my absolute favorite way to clean soap from shower and tub walls! Incredibly dissolves soap scum and contains no harmful chemicals. Plus it's very easy. You can copy the recipe I use here!

Clean with PAM cooking spray
After cleaning shower doors, apply Pam Cooking Spray and wipe clean. This will repel soap scum and hard water stains in the future!

Use dryer sheets
Who would have thought that dryer sheets could be used for more than washing? Wet a paper towel and rub it on the dry glass shower door. The ingredients in the dryer sheets help break up and remove suds!

Clean it with cornstarch
Cornstarch is a moderate abrasive which makes it ideal for cleaning shower doors! Mix one part cornstarch with two parts dishwashing liquid and one cup vinegar. Spray the door and rub it with a cleaning cloth. Rinse and you're done!Utilzie grapefruit sparse with salt
The citric acid in grape fruit surely breaks down soap deposit & dirty, causing dirty shower doors. Cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle it with salt, then use it to rub the doors!

 Use vinegar to clean the shower
Vinegar cleans anything! Heat a cup of white vinegar and add a few drops of dish soap. Transfering blend to a spray glass and cover the shower doors. The mixture will remove soap residue and turbidity easily!

Use Epson salts for shower and tub doors
Tired of using harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom? Try Epson Salt Mix! It's like a scrub for your bathroom. Check out the ingredients for Epson's Salt Scrub at Pop Sugar! 

Use a dry jet and blow it up
Want another way to get clean glass shower doors? Try the dish stick! Put 1 teaspoon of dish soap into a dish stick and add a drop of Jet Dry. Fill want with water and shake it. When the doors are wet, scrub and then use a rag or mop to dry!

Use essential oils
This hack is one I wasn't expecting. You can employ Thieves & Lemon essential oils blended with hot water as a shower door cleaner! Wipe doors with the mixture and a towel. They come out sparkling clean!

Move water cracks with RAIN-X
Rain-X isn't only about car windows! After clean shower, applique it to doors to removing future water stains!