How To Tackle A LoveBug Swarm In Your Yard

If you reside in the Southern United States, chances are you're familiar with lovebugs. These peculiar-looking flies make their presence known with two significant flights each year, one in spring and one in fall. During these flight periods, you'll find yourself encountering an abundance of lovebugs, which can be quite bothersome when you're trying to enjoy your outdoor areas. Luckily, a brilliant solution for getting rid of them has emerged.

Stephanie White Nelson took to Facebook to share her effective method of eliminating the lovebugs that were swarming around her doors. Her solution was surprisingly simple: she placed a small amount of water in a bright white bowl and added a few spoonfuls of baby oil. After leaving the bowl outside for just 30 minutes, it was filled to the brim with lovebugs.

It seems that these bugs are inexplicably attracted to the solution and the white bowl. While the scientific explanation behind this attraction remains unknown, it undeniably works. Stephanie's post has garnered nearly 5,000 comments and over 43,000 shares! So, if you're struggling with lovebugs in your outdoor spaces, this straightforward hack is definitely worth a try. We extend our gratitude to Stephanie for sharing her ingenious solution!