How To Keep Flies Away From Your Outdoor Spaces This Summer


As winter's icy grip gives way to the balmy days of summer, many of us look forward to basking in the sunshine, enjoying the warm weather, and hosting countless barbecues. Yet, there's one summer aspect we're not so fond of: the bugs. Especially in areas experiencing hot and often humid conditions, flies and mosquitoes become a common annoyance. But fear not, we've got a surprisingly simple tip from a Facebook user to keep these unwelcome guests away from your outdoor spaces.

Tabe Paxson shares a nifty trick on Facebook to fend off bothersome flies from your porch, deck, or any place you enjoy outdoor relaxation. The secret weapon? A bar of Irish Spring Soap. Simply secure it in a mesh bag and hang it in the areas you frequent outdoors. This might seem unusual, but Irish Spring Soap, renowned for its distinct smell, actually boasts many uses beyond its basic bathing purpose.

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