Baby mocked for having white hair – years later, he looks perfectly happy and healthy



In 2012, Patricia's son Redd was born, with a surprise that would forever shape their lives. Redd came into the world with a head full of white hair, which initially seemed like a curious anomaly. However, as time went on, Patricia and her husband Dale noticed other unique characteristics in their son, leading them on an unexpected journey of discovery. The subsequent diagnosis of Oculocutaneous Albinism Type one (OCA1) not only brought challenges but also sparked a determination within the family to raise awareness and promote acceptance for those with albinism.

Discovering Albinism:

As Redd's eyes would move side to side, Patricia and Dale sought answers. A Google search revealed a startling revelation: this eye movement was commonly associated with albinism. Medical consultations confirmed their suspicions, identifying Redd with OCA1, a rare condition affecting 1 in 17,000 individuals globally. This diagnosis shed light on the pale skin, white hair, and tracking eyes that Redd possessed.

The Journey of Understanding:

Patricia reflected on the initial excitement at the hospital when Redd was born, with his white hair and blue eyes captivating everyone's attention. At that time, the family didn't think much of it, as Patricia, Dale, and their firstborn son Gage all had blonde hair. However, as Redd's hair sparkled in the sunlight and his eyes shone brilliantly blue, Patricia began to realize the uniqueness of her son's appearance.

A Family United:

The family's journey took an unexpected turn when Patricia gave birth to their second son, Rockwell, in February 2018. Like Redd, Rockwell was also born with albinism. Unfortunately, the family faced a new challenge when Rockwell's newborn images were cruelly turned into memes on social media. Determined to combat ignorance and promote acceptance, Patricia and Dale chose to become advocates for raising awareness about albinism, focusing on educating others to prevent bullying and discrimination.

Spreading Awareness:

Patricia's realization that many people lacked knowledge about albinism led her to leverage the viral attention their family received. She recognized the unique opportunity to raise awareness about the condition and dispel misconceptions. By sharing their experiences, Patricia hoped to provide accurate information and encourage empathy and acceptance for individuals with albinism.

Embracing Differences:

Redd's journey included eye surgery to correct his strabismus, allowing him to transition from a private school for blind children to a public school. This decision not only improved his vision but also helped him blend in with his peers. As Redd grew older, his friends and classmates began to see beyond his differences, focusing on his shared experiences and abilities rather than his unique needs.

The Flourishing of Rockwell:

Alongside Redd's growth, Rockwell also thrived in his own journey with albinism. A heartwarming moment occurred during Rockwell's school's "Western Day" celebration, when a video shared by Patricia garnered an outpouring of love and appreciation on social media. People praised Rockwell as "cute" and "adorable," embracing his individuality with warmth and support.


The story of Redd and Rockwell showcases a family's unwavering love and determination to embrace their uniqueness. Through their journey with albinism, Patricia and Dale transformed challenges into opportunities for advocacy, education, and acceptance. Their efforts have not only fostered a greater understanding of albinism but have also inspired others to celebrate diversity and create a more inclusive world. The journey continues as they promote empathy, break down barriers, and champion acceptance for all individuals, regardless of their differences