°500 grams of chicken strips
°1 broccoli
°2 red onions
°3 cloves of garlic
°50 grams of fresh ginger
°70 grams of slivered almonds
°Olive oil
°10 c.  soy sauce


Cut the chicken breasts in half widthwise and place them in a bowl. Peeled garlic and ginger & chop them. Adding to chicken 7 tsp of soy sauce, garlic, chop ginger, 2 tsp of sesame oil and refrigerate about 1 hour.

Cutting up pretty broccoli rosettes to making it look as pretty as possible. In  pan of salt water that you will bring to  boil, cooking broccoli for 4 minutes and let it cool, it should rest slightly crunchy.

Preheat oven 200°C .
Peeled and chop the red onions. Reserving them in  bowl.

Roasted almonds in oven, as soon as they are color it's good!6  In wok, heat a tsp of sesame oil, & brown the marinat chicken with marinade over high heat,adding red onions and sauté for a few mnn then lower the heat to letting chicken cook.  As soon as it's cook, adding broccoli, sprinkle with rest of the soy sauce and pepper and stop cooking.

Enjoy !