Chicken & Dumplins



°1 Chicken
°2-3 boxes of Pillsbury Biscuits (the small ones, not the bigger ones like the Big ones)
°1 can cream of chicken soup
°About 1/2 cup flour
°Salt and pepper to taste


Remove giblets from chicken and discard, wash chicken
salt and pepper chicken
Put the chicken in a saucepan and cover with water, boil until the chicken is cooked (about 45 minutes)
When the chicken is cooked, take out and let cool
While the chicken cools, open the cookies and flatten them (I just crush them with my hands)
Dip or dredge cookies in flour, then cut each into 4 pieces (I use my kitchen shears)
Add the cream of chicken soup to the broth, then lay in the biscuits and cook while you remove the meat from the chicken.
Add chicken, salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy !!