Banana Pudding Cake

* Ingredients : 

°1 (four.6 ounce) banana pudding mix (now no longer instant)
°Milk required at the pudding container
°1 liter heavy whipping cream
°1/four cup powdered sugar
°three bananas, slightly ripe or barely underripe, thinly sliced
°1 container of mini wafer nella
°6-eight ounce glasses, jars, or clean cups
°Hand or electric mixer

* instructions :

Prepare banana pudding in step with pack directions. Place withinside the fridge for four hours or till firm.
Once the pudding is set, use a hand mixer or hand mixer to whip up heavy cream till stiff peaks form. Add powdered sugar and stir collectively with a big spoon.
Gently fold the whipped cream into the banana pudding.
Use character clean serving cups, cups, or jars to layer the pudding/whipped cream aggregate 1/three full, then upload five small chips, then five skinny banana slices, and fill the pinnacle with greater pudding/whipped cream combination.
Cover elements and refrigerate till prepared to serve, as a minimum 2 hours or as much as 24 hours.
Just earlier than serving, garnish with a few wafer crumbs, some slices of banana, and placed a wafer withinside the pudding.

Enjoy !