This delectable Easy Peach Cobbler is prepared with just a few basic ingredients and is sure to please! Sweet peaches are topped with a buttery crust that bubbles up to create the ideal dessert. 

Making this Easy Peach Cobbler is a traditional and delicious dessert that can be prepared at any time of year using fresh or frozen peaches. It is especially delicious during peak peach season! 

This peach cobbler is a delicious, fast, and simple dessert that I prepare on a regular basis and enjoy eating. In the summer, I make it using fresh Georgia peaches from my local farmer's market on a regular basis. However, one of the things that makes this dish so popular is the fact that it is just as tasty when prepared using frozen or canned peaches during the colder months. 

It's no secret that cobblers are a popular dessert among many people. I grew up seeing my mother and grandma prepare these on a regular basis for family dinners. Despite the fact that Grandmother's Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler, which contains a double crust as well as dumplings, is extremely delicious, it does need some preparation time. While I still like making that recipe on occasion, I make this Easy Peach Cobbler on a far more regular basis. It just only six basic ingredients and is quick and simple to prepare, even for a last-minute dessert. Everyone enjoys it! It's a family favorite, to say the least!

You'll need the following ingredients to make this cobbler: 

• 5 large peaches, I peeled and sliced them. 

• 200 grams.Of granulated white sugar. 

• I used around two dough rolls to make 9-inches pies. 

• 60 grams.Of all-purpose flour. 

• 20 grams.Of soft butter. 

• 2 large spoons.Of fresh lemon juice. 

• An egg, whisked. 

• 1/2 small spoon.Of ground cinnamon.

• 1/4 small spoon.Of ground nutmeg. 

• 1/4 small spoon.Of salt. 


• Step 1 – I started the preparation by heating my oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; 230 degrees Celsius. 

• Step 2 – Secondly, I made a pastry shell to fit a 9-inch pie pan, and In order to avoid the pie from becoming soggy later on, I brushed this with some beaten egg. 

• Step 3 – In a large mixing bowl, I combined the peach slices with the lemon juice and set it aside, and I combined gently the ingredients. 

• Step 4 – After that, I whisk the remaining ingredients In a separate dish; the flour with white sugar, cinnamon powder, the ground nutmeg, and salt until well combined. 

• Step 5 – At this step, I poured the liquid over the peaches and I gently folded them together. 

• Step 6 – Then, I poured the mixture into pie crust and topped it with a sprinkling of butter. 

• Step 7 – Following that, I wrapped the bottom crust with the second dough roll and tuck the contours of the lower crust under the edge of that crust. 

• Step 8 – And, I pressed all the way around the crust with my fingers or a fork to seal the two layers together. 

• Step 9 – Next, I used The remaining beaten egg to brush the pie, and I made A few slits in the middle of the crust for allowing steam to escape. 

• Step 10 – For the baking, it took around 10 minutes at 450 degrees, then I turned the temperature to 350°F = 180°C, and I continued the baking for another 30 to 35 minutes, just until the crust was golden brown and the filling was bubbling through the incisions in the middle of the crust; depending on how large your incisions are. 

NOTE: If the pie sides are browning too fast, cover them with aluminum foil strips halfway through baking. 

• Step 11 – And finally, I let my cobbler cool before serving; It is preferable to eat this cobbler while it is warm rather than hot, this is how I prefer it!!!!