These three-ingredient turtles are probably the easiest and cutest dessert you'll ever make. 

If you're not experienced turtles, their pecans with caramel poured on top and chocolate on top. To make the candies seem like turtles, in the end, you require 5 pecan halves. So, in a nutshell, lovely and delectable. 

What's more, the nicest thing about these turtle candies is that they're gluten-free. They're prepared in a microwave oven. Microwave, to be precise. There's no need for an oven. On the burner, there's no beautiful caramel sauce. Although, if you're feeling that way, you could go that path. I did, however, have caramel chunks on hand, which worked well in my microwave. So we're talking dessert in under ten minutes. That's something I'm all about. 

When melting the caramel and chocolate in the microwave, be careful to heat in 30-seconds intervals to avoid burning. Especially if there's chocolate involved! Although the chocolate may seem to be unmelted, give it a good stir before returning it to the microwave. One option is to melt your chocolate in the microwave. A double boiler or a chocolate melting pot might also be used.


• Soft caramels, I used a package of 12-ounces.

• Halved pecans, you'll need to toast 6-ounces. 

• A Pkg.Of 8-ounces of Semi-sweet Chocolate chips.


• Step 1 – Before I started, I gathered all ingredients, and prepared them to began the recipe. 

• Step 2 – Next, I covered a cookie sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper and sprayed it with nonstick cooking spray. 

• Step 3 – Then, I arranged the halved pecans in four-pecan clusters, each pointing in a different direction, just like a small turtle's legs. 

• Step 4 – After that, I unwrapped the caramels, and set them in a microwave-safe dish. Sometimes they were really stiff, so I added a teaspoon of water to make the final result softer, and put them in the microwave stirring after every 30 seconds until melted. 

• Step 5 – At this step, I let the melted caramel cool slightly so it was not boiling hot, then I put a dollop of caramel into each pecan cluster using a spoon or a tiny candy scoop. 
They're supposed to be a rustic sweet, so don't worry if the turtles aren't perfectly round or if some of the pecans poke through. 

• Step 6 – In the microwave or over a double boiler, I melted the chocolate chips, and I spread the melted chocolate evenly over the caramel layer, allowing some to drop down the edges and push it about until it is fully covered the top of the caramel. 

• Step 7 – I refrigerated the baking sheet of candies for at least 30 minutes to completely set the chocolate and caramel. 

• Step 8 – And finally for serving the turtles at room temperature for the greatest flavor and texture. 

• Step 9 – This is the most important step, you need to enjoy these homemade candies with your loved ones!!!


• Leftover may be kept for up to two weeks in an airtight container in the refrigerator or at a cool room temperature.

• When it comes to caramel, store-bought is the quickest and simplest option, but when it comes to flavor, we prefer handmade whenever feasible. We don't generally create a fresh batch of caramel specifically for turtles, but if we do, turtles are the ideal use for any leftover caramel! Try this soft caramel recipe and see if it doesn't take your turtles to the next level!