Funnel cake


Recreate the spirit of fairs and festivals at home. It's easier than it sounds to give a festive touch, plus no complicated equipment required. Our easy recipe is as delicious as it gets, but it also has the advantage of leaving plenty of room for your imagination. Let yourself be inspire by your favourite class!

* Ingredients:

° Sunflower oil for frying - 1 cup
° Liquid milk - 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons
° eggs - 1
° All-purpose flour - ½ cup
° baking powder - a quarter of a teaspoon
° ground cinnamon - pinch
° salt - pinch
° Powdered sugar for decoration - to taste

* The method of work:

1- Heat the oil in a 9-inch skillet.
2- In a bowl, ;Placing baking soda ; flour, ,; cinnamon & salt.
3- Blend dried ingredients totally .
4- In other bowl, putting milk also eggs & combine them well.
5- Adding dried ingredients to liquid mixture.
6- Mix the ingredients until well combined.
7- Close the small opening of the funnel with your finger and pour half of the mixture into the large hole.
8- Place the funnel over the middle of the pan and remove your finger.
9- Starting make lines in pan as wanted .
10- Let the cake soften from the bottom and turn golden.
11- Plunck cake on other side To it is done as well.
12- Removing cake from pan also placing it on a paper towel.
13- Sprinkling icing sugar & a some cinnamon on top of cake, also serving hot

Enjoy !