Fried potatoes with smoked sausage


These scrambled potatoes and sausage make the perfect side dish. They're easy to prepare, budget-friendly, and of course delicious!

You know how much I love whipped recipes, so I'm back with another one. This time I'm sharing my recipe for Southern Potatoes and Sausages. I've shared a recipe for regular mashed potatoes in the past, but somehow that recipe has disappeared (I'm still trying to figure out how!). But don't worry, this scrambled potato recipe is even better than the first!

* Ingredients :

° 5-6 medium sweet potatoes, washed, peeled, and sliced
° 1 large onion, sliced
° 1 large green bell pepper, sliced
° 1 pound smoked sausage, sliced
° Half a cup of vegetable oil, maybe less than half a cup
° 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
° 2 teaspoons salt
° 2 tsp garlic powder
° 3/4 cup chicken broth

* Instructions :

Start by washing and peeling the potatoes.
Next, cut the potatoes into equal slices (so they can cook evenly!)
Put the peeled and diced potatoes into a large bowl of water to prevent the potatoes from turning brown, then chop the other ingredients into cubes.

Pour vegetable oil into a large frying pan and heat the oil over medium heat.
Add smoked sausage and cook until brown, then remove from skillet.
Now drain the potatoes and let them dry, then add the potatoes to the hot oil and fry.

Once the potatoes are soft and tender, add the peppers and onions.
Sprinkling with salt / pepper also garlic powder.
Pour the chicken broth and stir the ingredients.

Put the smoked sausage in the pan and mix the ingredients.
Cook until everything is soft and tender, and the potatoes have absorbed the broth.

Serve and enjoy !

Enjoy !