Homemade Banana Pudding


This homemade banana pudding recipe makes the delicious and creamiest banana pudding ever! Layer of bananas and a sweet vanilla wafer biscuit, this Southern dessert recipe is the ultimate banana pudding.


+ Amazing homemade banana pudding :


Me and my interlocutor are a fan of banana pudding. Like, huge. In fact, we love all kinds of bananas - just refer to all the great banana recipes on my site - the banana cream cheesecake, the banana cheesecake, the banana oatmeal biscuit, the banana French toast - the list goes on.


And nothing is better than delicious homemade dessert. I feel this is what a banana dessert is supposed to be like. Southern, homemade, amazing.


But while I savored a lot of great banana pudding in my day (and some of them aren't that great), I never had a ready-made recipe myself. So, I set out to make one.


Homemade banana pudding or a banana pudding mix?

There seem to be two different camps when it comes to banana pudding - homemade banana pudding and then banana pudding made with mix pudding. There is some difference there, but in general, they split into the two types.


Plenty of homemade banana pudding recipes are largely homemade banana pudding - just straight up - with layers of vanilla and banana chips.


When it comes to batter versions of pudding, it's often blended with either sweetened condensed milk, cream cheese, or both. Usually some whipped cream is stirred there.


I've tried it with different combinations of all of the above. The homemade straight way, mix pudding with sweetened condensed milk and a version that also contains cream cheese.


If you're being totally honest, we've preferred the dessert mix over the homemade pudding version. Regular homemade pudding did not have the flavor we know like classic banana pudding (from sweetened condensed milk) nor was it creamy.



+ How to make banana pudding ?


* Ingredients :


° 2 boxes of vanilla wafer.


° 7 bananas cut into large slices.


° 1 Condensed milk can be sweetened.


° 1 can of fresh vanilla pudding.


° 1 PKG cream cheese.


° 1 frozen shake and thawed container, or equal amount


° Sweet whipped cream


* Instructions :


Step 1:


Line the bottom of the plate with one box of vanilla chips, and cover with bananas.


Step 2:


In a large mixing bowl, mix the milk and pudding mixture and mix well.


Step 3:


In a separate bowl, mix cream and condensed milk, and mix together until smooth.


The fourth step:


Now, fold the whipped topping into the cream cheese mixture. Add it to the pudding mixture and stir until it blends well.


Fifth step:


Pour the mixture over the chips, and add the other packet of vanilla chips on top.


Step 6:


Let it cool in the refrigerator for 3 hours. Now ready to serve !!!


Enjoy !!!