Genius 1-Ingredient Solution To Cleaning Hard Water Stains


On a daily basis, the water we use is more or less rich in limestone. This explains why all objects that are in contact with water (shower head and walls, dishes, vase, toilets, taps, etc.) inexorably end up becoming scaled and adorned with traces of limestone. Good news: OUR RECIPES has found 4 ways to eliminate them!


Method # 1: with warm white vinegar


Disinfectant, anti-microbial and antibacterial, white vinegar is also known to give tartar and limescale no chance ... especially when used hot.


So if you have taps, shower screens or toilets marred by traces of limestone, just heat white vinegar in a kettle (this will allow it to be descaled in the process!), Pour some a little on the "damaged" objects, then to soak a sponge in the vinegar to rub them.


The traces will not resist!


Method # 2: with coarse salt and lemon


Over the years and times in the dishwasher, it happens that our glasses and our decanters are adorned with ugly traces of limestone ... To remove them, we can use a winning duo: that of the juice of lemon and coarse salt. Just mix them together, dip a sponge in the mixture, and rub our glasses, bottles and other decanters with them before rinsing.


The acidity of the lemon will attack the limestone, and the coarse salt will make the traces leave more easily. 100% efficient!


Method # 3: with grains of rice


Ouch: by dint of being in contact with water, our pretty transparent glass vase is covered with traces of the most unsightly limestone ... The problem is that as its mouth is very narrow, the bottom and sides of the vase cannot be reached with a sponge.


Fortunately, to clean it, there is a brilliant trick: we will pour a handful of grains of rice in the bottom of the vase, then pour water and a dose of washing up liquid. Then, we will stopper the vase with our hands, and shake it with all our strength. TADAM: the hardness of the rice grains will help loosen the lime residue and dirt encrusted inside the vase, and the dishwashing liquid will clean it. Brilliant, no?


Method # 4: with a potato


We often ignore it, but the starch contained in the potato is a natural and very effective anti-limescale! To use it, you can rub objects with traces or lime deposits with a slice of raw potato.

On the other hand, if we have saucepans or pots that are well scaled and full of lime stains, we will put them on the fire and boil some water with potato peelings in them.