There are days after I pass over positive own circle of relatives participants greater than normal.  See I turned into truely, truely near my grandmother developing up. She turned into the simplest grandmother I knew and I can keep in mind spending each unmarried Saturday together along with her for the longest time.  She’d choose me up and take me to her nearby drug shop.  She’d play her ‘numbers’ after which we’d visit the returned of the drug shop wherein they served food.  Wasn’t the best however it turned into time with Grandma.  Now see my Grandma turned into cool, I imply severely rockin’ cool.  Sure she turned into older however my Grammy drove a souped-up Chevy Nova that had white leather-based interior, metal flake cherry crimson paint and an engine that turned into as loud as ought to be.  I don’t suppose she had an exhaust gadget on it.  LOL  She had cat-eye glasses and each week her hair turned into a unique color – pink or pink.  No, truely – we’re speaking pink or pink. She turned into amazing.  I can keep in mind sitting in her tiny kitchen and her coaching me the way to bake matters and give an explanation for how matters have been completed in ‘her days’.  Now thoughts you, that is the equal Grandma that 365 days determined to keep cash she might use paper plates for a vacation dinner.  No large deal right?  Yeah um… I bet I ought to point out that she constantly wrapped them in plastic wrap so we ought to re-use them.  LOL  Hey instances have been hard however that turned into a brand new one for me.

* Ingredients :

° eight slices white bread
° eight skinny slices bologna (now no longer garlic) – I decide upon skinny slices however you may go together with four thicker slices
° four Tbl grape jelly
° 2 cups potato chips, normal flavor
° 1 Tbl butter plus 2 Tbl melted butter

* Instructions :

Place a huge skillet over medium heat. If you've got got a grill plate, this works even higher as you've got got greater floor area.
Place 1 Tbl of butter withinside the pan.
When the butter is melted location 2 skinny slices (1 one thick slice) of bologna (but many you may healthy with out crowding) withinside the pan. *be aware to prevent ‘doming’ previous to setting the bologna withinside the pan, reduce a slit from the threshold to the center of the slice.
Cook for three-five mins in line with aspect or till the rims are golden brown.
Flip the bologna over and prepare dinner dinner for some other three mins or till the rims are golden brown.
While the bologna is cooking (after you’ve flipped it) put together the bread via way of means of spreading 1 Tbl divided frivolously on one aspect of every slice of bread. So in case you’re frying up simplest 2 portions of bologna, simplest jelly 2 slices of bread.
Place one slice down, jelly aspect up and location a small handful of potato chips on pinnacle.
Take your fried bologna from the pan and location on pinnacle of the chips.
Place some other small handful of chips on pinnacle after which take the opposite slice of bread setting it jelly aspect down on pinnacle of the chips.
Gently push down at the sandwich (a few chips will ruin however that’s OK).
Take the melted butter and gently brush the pinnacle of the sandwich.
Working carefully, turn the sandwich over and location it buttered aspect down withinside the pan.
Grill on every aspect for four-five mins or till golden brown.
Repeat steps for every sandwich in case you aren’t the use of a grill plate.

Enjoy !