15 surprising ways to use table salt


Not only is salt used to cook and neutralize food, but it can also be used for a wide variety of household purposes, from furniture to cleaning dishes. You can identify the following fifteen uses for salt away from food:



Cooker cleaning


A dirty stove is one of the things that annoy a housemate, and she is always changing cleaning powders, but did you know that putting a little salt on oven stains, especially when it is hot, helps it to clean easily ?



Clean clothes stains


If you have ketchup or juice stains on your clothes or kids' clothes, put a little salt in the stain and rub it in, then rinse thoroughly, the stain will not work anymore.



Stainless steel cleaning


It is healthy to cook food in "stainless steel" pots.   Okay, and you'll see the difference. Wooden signs Put a glass of water or a bottle on a wooden surface such as a countertop and another that leaves a mark.  Mix salt & a little oil also rub area to be cleaned, then wood will disappear totally .



Get rid of Fetid shoes


To get rid of the smell of shoes, specially sports / you can easy mix some soda also salt in a little tissue inside shoes and let  it for a whole day, and smell will disappear totally .


Bring rid of ants


Salt is an effective insecticide, specially with ants, time you putting a little salt in place where ants are present, it totally prevent them from being in it. Cleaning iron The iron sticks to the dirt also dust and it is difficult to get rid of this dirt, but you can simply operate the iron on the highest level and iron a piece of cloth dampened with water and salt, and the salt will absorb all the dirt and dust.


Preventing food sticking


In the frying pan, this idea sounds a little strange, but it can be tried. All you have to do is sprinkle a little salt on the pan before placing the food, and the food will never stick to it.



Upholstery cleaning


Upholstery, especially sofas and other furniture, tends to turn yellow over time, but it can be returned to its natural color simply by adding salt with a little water, brushing it, and occasionally leaving it in the sun.


Clean the accessories


The attachments will turn off and tend to rust, but their color . Cleaning industrial roses put a quarter cup of salt in a bowl. A nylon case, then putting roses inside also sweetly shake them, also then you will get rid of dirty & powder .


Clean refrigerator


Cleaning the fridge thoroughly and deodorizing the fridge is hard work, but you can simply mix some warm water and salt and clean the fridge with it.


Get rid of fleas


If you are concerned about fleas, especially children's clothes, you can soak clothing in water & salt, & you will always get rid of fleas.


Peeling nuts


The hard outer shell of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts can be peeled easier & faster by drench them in water & salt about a period time.


Getting rid of barbecue smoke: Instead of placing a cover on the grill to get rid of the fumes from burning fats in the grill that you usually leak from, you can throw salt on this smoke and you will get rid of it quickly .